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The Bank of Thailand Museum, Northern Region Office, is pleased to welcome visitors at these times : 9.00 - 12.00 a.m. and 1.00 - 4.00 p.m. On Monday - Friday, except on Bank holidays.

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Prehistoric Barter System, Early Money, Suvarnabhumi Money, Funan Money, Sri Ksetra Money, Dvaravati Money, Sri Vijaya Money, Lan Na Kingdom Money, Contemporary Money of Lan Na

Preservation and Continuation of the Thai cloths tradition, Textiles and Village Economy, Textiles and the National Economy, Textiles in the Pass, Continuous Supplementary Wefts

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Apart from the main role of the Bank of Thailand in protecting the national economy, the Bank of Thailand plays an important role in the conservation of traditional Thai arts and culture. This has been achieved by establishing a museum at the main office as well as at the northern region office.

At the Bank of Thailand Museum, northern region office, there is now a center of information for both coinage and Tai textiles which is open to the public for the purpose of displaying the value of Thai heritage.



The Bank of Thailand Museum, Northern Region Office.

Chotana Road, Muang district, Chiang Mai Province.
Tel. (053)-931182-4
Fax. (053) 931185
Email : pornsulu@bot.or.th